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Fire Inspections

The South Spartanburg Fire serves our community in many more ways than just fighting fires.  One of the many services that we provide is our Commercial Occupancy Fire Inspection program. 


As a Fire District, we are tasked with providing each business in our protection area with a fire safety inspection, each year, at no additional cost to the business.  The Roebuck Fire District complies with this requirement by providing a certified Fire Marshal, on staff, who oversees our inspections.


Under the Fire Marshal’s guidelines, we visit each business annually and perform a walk through inspection.  During this inspection, we are looking for general safety concerns, specific code violations and gathering emergency contact

fire inspections - ROEBUCK FIRE DISTRICT

information.  However, the most important part of our safety inspection program is that it allows our firefighters to learn the layout of businesses, and therefore make a pre fire plan that will allow them to perform more effectively and safely in the event of an actual incident at that business.

To ensure that we are serving our businesses the best we can, our shift personnel also call the business 6 months after their inspection to make sure that no emergency contacts have changed.  By performing the annual site visits, and by calling 6 months after the site visit, we feel as though we are maintaining the most current and reliable information on businesses in the Roebuck Fire District that is possible.  Also by performing our inspections in this manner, we are able to meet the local, state and national guidelines for Fire District Inspection Programs.

Knox Box Key Management


Along with our inspection program, South Spartanburg Fire participates in the Knox Box key management program for Fire District Emergency Access after normal business hours.  To ensure the security of the businesses that we serve, the Roebuck Fire District has installed electronic, key-coded boxes in which our master keys are stored on each unit.  The station staff members are assigned a unique code to unlock the master key, and that information is stored on our computer system.  A report may be generated at any time showing the exact date, time, unit, and individual who opened the lock box. 


Knox Box units are required for all new businesses in the district. However, retro-fitting existing businesses with a Knox Box key management system is a great idea.

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